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Easy-to-use yet powerful SMS message broadcasting software for different application. It allows you to send marketing & advertising SMS and receive response SMS from the computer. If differs from other software which relies on an Internet SMS gateway. Instead, use your existing mobile phone, GSM modem or cellular terminal and connect it to the computer. The connection can be done via a USB data cable, serial data cable or Bluetooth COM port

-Increase your businesses profits and productivity 

-easy and cost effective way to send SMS reminders to your clients, patients, and customers 

-Schedule bulk SMS messages to customers for special announcements 

-Bulk SMS messages can be scheduled to be sent in the future, or sent immediately 

-Schedule SMS reminders to be sent on selected weekdays, monthly, or yearly 

-Create message templates, then assign the message to a reminder SMS with just one click 

-Send thousands of SMS easily from the computer 

-Receive incoming SMS into the computer (2-way SMS) 

-No registration, no credit prepay, no SMS gateway required ,Just Send & receive SMS right from your computer. Do not relies on an Internet SMS gateway, no need to buy SMS credit before start 

-Support Long SMS, Flash SMS, Unicode 

-Use GSM Modem or your existing Nokia, Sony Ericsson or Motorola mobile phone! 

-Import/Export data from wide varieties of common Files Type 

-You can send and receive unlimited number of SMS 

-Send personalized SMS content to each recipient by inserting data from the Clients Data automatically.